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A New Age

It’s 2014, where materialism is at it’s peak (in my opinion), and being successful is usually measured in dollars or by how many pieces of designer clothing you own. This mindset has plagued our generation, thus causing us to lose focus on more valuable gifts like knowledge and most importantly, experience. Our elders describe our generation as reckless, spoiled and materialistic. But, why? Why are we this way? What or who made us decide that by having a larger checking account than Bob, we consider ourselves happy or successful? That answer may be right under our noses..

Have you ever heard about the “American Dream”? For those that haven’t, the American Dream is an idea of happiness or success that’s implemented in our brains as soon as we step foot in that pre-school class. 

Get good grades, go to college, get a degree, work for 50 years, cash in that retirement check and voila! You are a successful American, just like that.

Something about that just doesn’t register in my brain. It sounds stupid.

To me, that’s enslavement. Enslavement of our minds, and ultimately, our lives. So, yes slavery is alive and well in the United States if you ask me. It may not be as violent or obvious, but it still exists. 

Humans are born with one special ability, to create. If you look around, probably 99.9% of everything you see was made by someone like you and me. Out of nothing. That right there is our greatest super power. We have the ability to turn nothing into something. That’s amazing if you ask me. I always tell myself “I could’ve made that.” whenever I’m at an art gallery or even just staring at a coffee mug. Then, I ask myself “Why didn’t I make that?” and that answer is simple. Because I didn’t want to. I didn’t have the initiative to create. Why? I probably had an English paper and 2 math homework assignments to do instead. And those are distractions. Distractions caused by us doing what we’re suppose to be doing, right? Kinda sounds like intimidation to me.

What if we were all allowed to create freely? Where we didn’t need credentials to have a “smart” idea. Where we all worked together as one race so that we can advance as humans and leave our marks in history. Only then, we’ll live in utopia.

With that being said, I feel like we are witnessing the beginning of a new era of creative minds. We are advancing as humans, or evolution. A Creative Era is upon us. Similar to the days of Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein. A new chapter of innovation for the world.



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